AG 02 Parametricism & The Future of Architecture Part 1 with Sushant Verma


On this episode, we speak to Ratlab Studio founder & computational designer Sushant Verma who has traversed many obstacles in life to reach where he is at right now.

This two-part series is jam-packed with a lot of useful information that will illuminate your views on architecture and the various new aspects surrounding it such as parametricism and computational design.

So tune in to this fascinating talk I had with Sushant as he takes us on his long Architectural Journey to success and the many stories that bound it.

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Selected Links From This Episode

If you would like to get in touch with Sushant, find the links below

linkedin | instagram | twitter

And Check out his Studio


Rat-Lab Facebook Page

And his hybrid 6-month workshop on Parametric Design


There are lots more to come in the second-part of this two-part series where we dwell into why Sushant quit one of the best architectural firms after a year to running a successful firm called Rat-Lab studio. We also dig deep into topics like Architectural Education in India and of course Parametric & computational design and the use of science in design.

Show Notes

[00:00] Intro
[02:45] How did you manage to achieve so much in such a short span of time?
[04:00] Big Influencers & Mentors during his Bachelors – Manit Rastogi & Abhishek Bij
[05:45] Did you always want to become an Architect while growing up? ~ The Background
[07:00] Sushant’s Introduction to Architecture
[09:00] Experience studying at Sushant School of Architecture ~ Allow one to dream big.
[10:45] Experience studying in AA London (DRL Program – Design Research Lab & M-Tech)
[12:00] Starting a firm in 3rd year of studies (Studio 2121) & taking up projects. Working in Manik Chawkla Architects. And then working for MoFa Studio Delhi. 
[14:00] Fluidic in Design, Curves & Mathematics of Curves
[14:30] Getting Admission into the biggest universities in the world and choosing AA over sci-Arc
[15:55] Time at the Architectural Association, London. 
[20:00] Struggles at the AA & meeting the co-founder of Rat Lab Studio.
[21:30] Inception of Rat-Lab Studio, the name & The Adaptive Skins Project ~ A celebrated thesis project.
[26:00] What is the Rhino Software? ~ Flamingo, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Ladybug, Honeybee. 
[27:00] Graduating from AA & getting a job within 4 months. (visa in 2013)
[29:00] Working at Robofold with Greggorry Epps
[30:30] Hey Da, What Next? ~ The Philosophy to live by.
[32:00] Getting a job at Zaha Hadid Architects
[34:00] Interview at Fosters, SOM, PLP Architects, Heatherwicks, etc. & then…
[37:00] The Interview with Patrik Schumacher
[40:30] Residency at MAK- Schindler, Los Angeles
The Work Culture At Zaha Hadid Architects
[42:30] Meeting Zaha Hadid ~ A Celebrity within her own office.
[44:00] Developing Computational Tools for ZHA
[46:30] Pradeep at Robofold, Shanghai
[48:00] Smart Geometry Conference, UCL Bartlett & Editor for


“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?”

- Zaha Hadid


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