A Transition to the Startup World as an Architect with Masih Davari | AG 40

Today we have with us an Iranian based Architect who is a Design Technologist, Innovative & creative Designer & Architect, Masih Davari.


Here’s a brief on Masih to give you some context.

He completed his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Art University of Isfahan in Iran in 2013. He then went on to do his MArch in Iran University of Science & Technology and subsequently another Masters from Lund University, specializing in Spatial Experiment


He’s now the co-founder of InnoBrain AB, a NeuroTech company offering innovative BCI Brain-Computer Interface applications. Yes you heard that right. And you’ll hear his full story today on how he got there.


Masih takes us on his journey in Architecture and his experience in Architecture school in Iran, his love for software & computational design, what the course Spatial Experiment in his Masters entails, his work experience and his biggest takeaways, life in Sweden and loads more.

Podcast Shownotes

02:00 Masih’s introduction to Architecture

03:40 Studying at Isfahan University 

05:30 Studying Master’s in Tehran University

07:20 Masih’s Thesis

09:10 2nd Masters Degree Research at Lund University

09:30 Transition to Neuroscience from Architecture

11:10 Overlap between Neuroscience & Architecture

12:10 A brief on ‘Innobrain‘ – Masih’s startup

16:00 Working only on the forms & shapes of building to understand the psyche of the user.

18:30 Future plans for Innobrain

20:30 Leading a startup as an Architect

23:30 Getting into the startup space as an Architect

25:00 Ups & Down of running a Startup

27:35 The challenges of starting & running a startup in another country

29:10 From an Introvert to an Extrovert

34:00 The Iranian Hustle – 21st Century Barter System

“You have to ask.”

39:00 Remembering people’s names.

40:10 Being genuine 

The Quick Fire Round


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