BIM is Nothing with Antonio Tort | AG 37

Today we have with us Antonio Tort, who is an Architect, BIM Consultant & founder of BIM Skills

Here’s a brief on Antonio to give you some context.

He completed his Architectural Education  from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He then opened his own practice in 1990 called Antonio Tort Architects. He stumbled upon Archicad in 1995 and a few months later he made the jump from CAD to BIM. He  has since worked with BIM & successfully co-founded BIM Freelance which unites all those in the AECO sector and helps in the implementation & learning BIM methodology.  Antonio has an experience spanning over 20 years in the BIM & Architecture space and he has lots to share,  he takes us on his journey in Architecture, studying in Architecture school in the 90s, how he was introduced to BIM, what is openBIM, how BIM Freelance has helped many become leaders in the BIM field, BIM seminar & workshops, future of the AECO industry, & loads more.

Podcast Shownotes

04:05 How Antonio got into Architecture?
05:10 Studying in Universidad de Santiago de Compostella
06:10 Starting off on his own & jumping into the digital world in the 90s
IBM 286
Architects & Computers in 1995
10:00 Transition to BIM
“BIM is a tool, nothing else. You need to identify the objective, what is the purpose client expects from you and how to carry it out as per your contract.”
12:50 Type of projects that Antonio worked on in the 90s
14:00 What is BIM?


15:30 Advantages to BIM
17:00 BIM is beyond just Architecture | TinyBIM | NanoBIM
ISO 19650
19:00 What is TinyBIM & NanoBIM

“You can practice BIM alone.”

20:00 Can BIM limit our creativity as architects?
Bentley Software for Infrastructure
22:00 Why do countries still resist the implementation in BIM?
24:30 Why is BIM so expensive?
26:10 India has become the outsource capital for BIM
27:10 BIM in Spain | BIM Users Group
29:50 Can BIM help in saving Architectural Heritage?

31:20 Antoni Gaudi 
33:00 BIM Freelance & BIM Skills | Zigurat Institute of Technology
35:40 Online Courses & Online Training
37:40 Working remotely in the world of BIM

“One of the best things that you can achieve with BIM is the workflows.”

40:10 The big divide between Architecture Schools & Reality.
41:25 What is a BIM Manager & what is a Project Manager?
46:00 BIM Advice to an absolute beginner.
47:50 Antonio 10 years from now
49:00 Advice to young architects & architecture students.
50:30 Quick Fire Round


The Quick Fire Round

  • Rafael Baltar Tojo
  • Alfredo Alcala
  • Charles Moore
Favorite City

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